Six miles to go, 30 miles walked: Dunkirk interpretation on location: Research for Imperial War Museum lectures: 2010

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For fifteen years Ancient Wisdom have provided innovative and exciting historical entertainment, production design and hands-on learning, all with a strong sense and flavour of history.

We're not huge but TV and film productions, museums and heritage bodies, as well as countless individuals and schoolchildren, have been inspired by Ancient Wisdom's lively enthusiasm for the past.

As a Production designer for TV and film we've created the Vatican in draughty barns, burned a stand-in Joan of Arc in licking medieval flames and concept designed for Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood', Marvel's 'Thor' and Spielberg's  'Warhorse' amongst others. Most recently we've turned our hand to early motoring with accurate full size replicas of the motors driven by Grand Prix heroes of the past.

We've built historically accurate theatrical installations of WW1 trenches for some of the premiere heritage events in the U.K and regularly work with our educational associates in the Imperial War Museum and The National Trust.


In front of the lens Stephen Abs Wisdom himself is the cheery presenter of popular International Science History show "Wicked Inventions" and he was the co-presenter and writer of Sky One's 'Brainiac History Abuse'

He is a regular contributor on numerous TV History shows here in the U.K  where his easy going expert knowledge and casual style is in high demand. Lastly his 'have-a-go' practical historical experimentation has led to his unique experiences being the basis of some fascinating lectures and films as seen here foot slogging it to Dunkirk across Belgium and France some years ago.


Have a look about and see what you think.

Resplendent in French Racing Blue Ancient Wisdom's full-size replica of a Type 35 Bugatti stands ready for the chequered flag to drop: Client: English Heritage/Motor Aces: 2016
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